Wednesday, August 28, 2013

new place. AHAY!

all hail. i am now in a new place. a new community. a new reality. everything seems true. i believe that i was sent here to be the light.

oh hey, post-mine, i've passed you just now in your blog update. i'm glad you're back with him. well have a nice things both you guys. i am still searching for the right one. well different paths okay? hahahahaha

well i got a brand new big family here. thank you Purwokerto for being a nice city for me. thank you for being such a good relief from a really bad pain. thank you for giving me a new family. thank you for giving me new experiences. i am really glad i am sent here.

well like what Beatles say in "In My Life" single, yeah i cried after that song now, some has to be passed and left. but well we need a non comfort zone right?

yep it's me Henokh Ngili, midnight in an internet cafe. out of my comfort zone. watching her going back with him (again). doing lots of things to be true. and trying to exit from reality, but believes that these things done here.

adios te amo xxoo :')

Monday, August 12, 2013

new haircut :3 new start ;)

well it has been some moments until today i have to say "adios bitchachos" to my big afro hair.. well i just wanna welcome this new semi-mohawk that i think it will only last 3 months or 6 months till i got back my afro..

it has to be a new start for me in uni life! well welcome new start, new hopes, new realizations!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

ein freak und ein weirdo? nein. ich bin ein loco.

am i freak and am i weirdo? well i thought i'm just one kind of loco. i ain't those smartass with no life, or even dumbass with no brain. i am just the loco.

well, ass you can see at the title, i am a loco. the loco things inside of me want to share something to all of you. the loco part of my life needs things to be truly loco. he himself like to present the world of loco. so this is it.

the loco thing is i am not thinking and worrying about my future anymore. i know for sure that i'll shine brightly. so what for am i worrying? and yeah, like i've said in the last post, i am moving (for at least a year) to Purwokerto. and this is what i got from 2 days driving, going, eating, and sleeping. Jogja-Purwokerto-Jogja.

after a lazy jazzy Sunday evening with Kobe, lots of good and cheap food at Dixie Easy Dining, awesome jazz vibe by The Everyday Band and Diwa Hutomo and Friends, i got back home with my sleepyhead because of too much Milo and yeah, fall a sleep. get up at Monday's dawn, fulfilled with new energy, packed some things up (nearly as what described here), shower, eat breakfast, and yap i'm on my way to Puwokerto with my mom, David, Ayub, and Tika.

well let just say the things are good there. i got my rented room. it's a new building, just consist of 4 rooms, with inside private bathroom, no A/C (actually we don't need it there), and already got things inside. i only have to pay Rp 4.000.000,00/year (400 US$ or 500SGD), or let's just say Rp 350.000,00/month (35 US$ or 50SGD). and free of water and electricity bills. we got a big tv for 4 people there. but no i-net access/wi-fi (so i got to buy modems or tell the landlord i'll put i-net there).

i'll let you know, Purwokerto has lot of good food. such as:
1. Gado-Gado Om Hoogy. (for description of Gado-Gado, click this) Located in Jalan Mesjid. it was in the middle of the "kampung", behind the Mesjid Agung Purwokerto (Big Mosque of Purwokerto) at Aloon-Aloon (city square) area. We also got Mendoan there. we didn't pay anything here, the stall was David's auntie's. hahaha. next time i'll pay lah..

2. Sroto Jalan Bank Haji Loso. Sroto is a kind of Soto that is special in Banyumas Region especially Purwokerto. they add peanuts to the Soto, and eat it with Ketupat (rice cake). located at Jalan Bank or Jalan RA Wiryaatmaja and opens day and night. it was cheap, only ten thousands rupiah/bowl (1 US$ or 1,5 SGD)

3. Es Duren. the perfect combination between pure durian, coconut milk, skimmed chocolate milk, and ice. it is so yummy. located in front of GOR Satria, it was one of good spot to hang with friends and eat the ice. costs 13k rupiahs (1,3 US$ or nearly 2 SGD).

4. Ayam Kremes Sae Niki. located at Jalan Mesjid. it was good taste of chicken, tempe, tofu, and lots of veggies. not expensive though. sorry, i forgot to take pictures.

there are also some food that is a "must visit and eat" but the time is not enough, so i ain't visit them. but yes later i'll go there. those are :
1. Bakso Tai Toh. chinese porkballs with intestines. everyone say that it's so damn delicious.
2. Bakso Pehking. javanese meatballs. they say it is good but later i'll try.
3. Bakmie Pangsit Cahaya Mas. chinese pork noodles with wanton and dumplings. 5 star taste!
4. Mie Keriting Cabe Rawit. curly noodles with chopped chilli padis.
5. Nasi Padang Indonesia. even Sederhana also opens there, but they said that NPI is tastier.

well that's for food. and those names are also on Jalansutra's list of Purwokerto's Good Food. but wait, PETE is the best damn thing that i will always find in every part of Banyumas Region, and i am fucking loving it!

one thing that makes me happy is, Purwokerto is not far from Pageralang (20 to 30 minutes with motorbike), which is the location of Sanggar Candra Birawa, Ki Kukuh Bayu Aji's (one of Banyumas style Dhalang) house. i'll visit him in my next trip there, and will often visit him when i live there.

and when we go back to Jogja, it was still a "mudik" season, near the Eid Mubarak day. have to pass some traffic jam and see some funny things all way home. and we take a new road to cut the traffic jam, and it was like all american highway. fyi: the new road we used has lots of beaches. need to test one by one.

 hey, sir. don't use government's car for mudik okay?

 now you work hard.

 at gas station. it's only a quarter of it.

 new road. all american highway.

 gondes on cam

 speeding, why not?

140 km/h, huh? that is still slow.

Well i thought it is enough for today's post. i'll write you more about loco things in my life. and well Happy Eid Mubarak, be as clear as vodka, be as white as cocaine. hahahaha. adios bitcahchos!