Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Imagine It, Dream It, Do It!

So guys, here I am, me again logged on to this blog, here in my crib. Just got back from the activities and lt of things. So I want to ask you to feel relax, and start blowing up our imagination.

Let us start.

Now, imagine that :

There's a world, out there..

Where you have an endless number of ways to feel alive

Where you have trillions of reasons to never be bored

Where you have an infinity of beautiful things you can create

Where you have already so many beautiful things to behold

Where you have around 7 billions unique and special characters to play along with

Okay, so where is it?
It's outside there, our real world.
So now, take an action! Go outside and play along.
Get off from the gadgets, and play outside!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

the build up

i have passed a lot of tears and laugh, downs and success.
i'd like to share somethings, about building up something.

for me, it's not to hard to build something, or even someone. building something means a lot for me. building the new phase of living paths, building new relations, building new mindsets. i believed that i was destined to be my self now, and it's a free will, whether i choose to be destined or not to be. i believe to everything that has passed had their own meanings in my life, and they built me up too.

jasmerah - jangan sekali-kali melupakan sejarah (never forget the history)
and i believe by reflecting to our history, to the time that had passed, to those things that had built us, we will bold and straighten our future. your input affects your output

i let you know, what that my past life had taught me, how it built me, and now who and what i am now.