Wednesday, March 20, 2013

fat burning, sweat mining, health gaining

it has been some time since the last time i wrote something in this blog. then here i am again. the me with new things, yeah.

so this is the day, after 21 days since my last time i counted my weight. yeah, 21 days ago this is my stat :

190 centimeters
110,7 kilograms
XXXL shirt size
44 pants size
46 shoe size ( 12 in US measurement)

the body size was awful, cause it is not balance. i got too fatty tummy. i also got lot of stretch mark. -__-"
i felt awful cause of that. i didn't know what to do with that.


21 days ago, i've started to fast. and you know what this is my stat now!

190 centimeters
100 kilograms ---> look at this
XXXL shirt size
44 pants size
46 shoe size ( 12 in US measurement)

see, i have lost 10 kilos in 21 days! i just fast and combine it with some sports. i also drink tea in a routine (like always i do, without sugar), and eat more veggie. i feel better with my body.

you know what, when i count my weight in biology lab today, and after i see the result, i'm jumping for freaking sure! you can ask to my friends and my teacher. so the chronology was like this :

it was the 3rd day of practical exam for the 12th grader. i've passed my chem and physics test, and this morning i would face the bio test. i went to the lab for the test, and i saw a weight scale. i jumped on the weight scale and see the result. i am amazed, my friends and teacher too. i've lost 10 kgs, and i jumped like freakin' jumping, and screamed to the max.

yeah, 10 kgs in 21 days. need more days to get to the 90 kgs. i have to go for it. i have to flatten my fatty tummy. i have to burn my fat, mine the sweat, gather muscles, and gain health. for sure.

well, that's all for now, here's for you some my class' Harlem Shake video :

Monday, March 4, 2013

the same world, the other man

well, it has been a long time since my last update on this blog. it was like a million decades without any piece of update and even upload. so, this is me back again gonna tell some stories that had passed, cause i ain't a fortune teller that'll tell the future, even sometimes the Lord give me visions about that. hahaha.

first thinks first, first acts first.
the first story came down from the valley of Bandungan, 1 month ago. it was the place where me and around 50 people of us went for a retreat. we spent around 3 or 4 days there, with a lot of well sleep and well food, and even well chats and worships. and in the last night of the retreat, we go to hike to the Mt. Ungaran, 2050 meters above sea level, guided by the Jesuits priests. and i still wonder till now, how my feet can get there (even i was wounded and had to stay at the last "post" like 500 meters after the tea fields, around 1800-1900 something masl) --> i actually can do it till the peak, but the time we have is not like my other walking, trekking, or hiking time. we got a very busy schedule there, cause we started hiking at 11 PM, and have to be on way home to Jogja at 1PM. yeah, i feel lil' bit disappointed dude. here's some pics about the mountain's view and how my jeans, t-shirt, and hoody condition after that.

second, is better than not doing at all.
the second story, came up around a week ago, nearly 2 weeks. it was my Grandpa's (from my mother side) birthday, and Grandma's (from my father side) birthday too. but i only could go to my Grandpa's party. a lot of good food, families are there, good time and quality time. (although i'm the one that had to drive for 1,5 hours to Magelang, and back here to Jogja like 1 hour, when almost everybody in the car are sleeping. --> i put loud rock music on the deck to keep me alive) here's some facts, cause no pics = no facts

third, comes up after the second.
the third story came up in Saturday, Sunday, and today. last Saturday, me and Gangsa Kukila (our gamelan team, "Gangsa" means Gamelan instrument, "Kukila" means birds, cause we all are boys, if you know what i mean) helped the language class in their play : "Bila Malam (Semangkin) Bertambah Malam" (when the night goes darker) adapted from Putu Wijaya's script and play. it was conducted by Cak Didik (our literature teacher), and i'm the one that's responsible to conduct the gamelan orchestra. and i am the one that had to arranged the music. it is a lil bit hard, cause we have to play Balinese styla in Javanese set. but fyi, Javanese set is the most complete set, cause with it we can play the Sundanese, Balinese, even the Banjars. so here are some pics of our exhausted face after the play. and fyi the play was played in our school's canteen, and it was magnificent, all full of audience.

still in the third line, in Sunday. after churching, i go to shop at mall and look what i've bought for my self :

(the shower cream is not included when i shop, my mum bought it in Malaysia)

yeah, the third line continues with the story of evolving me, the other man, the same world. i gotta post my pictures in this 3 years. the 1st pic was taken when i was in the 10th grade. the second is last year, after i passed grade 11 and moved to grade 12. the last is like 2 weeks ago. my face changed a lot. the curves of my belly, my mustache, my beard, it's all there. here it is:

haha see? on the last pic, i was using my school's uniform, but still like an uncle right? hahahaaha

hoam, i feel little bit tired, my feet are of the ground, and my eyes something like wanted to close, and this is me, the other man, the same world. listening to a reggae-dubstyle song by Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley, called Affair of The Heart, catch ya up later bradda! VIVA LA LIBERTA!