Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hell Yeah

After many things passed, I can still write something in this page.. So like this, it's been a long time since the last update, around 5 months.. Hell yeah! At least I got something special, not something, but many things exactly.. What I've been waiting for so long..

Many damned beautiful things in this world..

Firstly, now I got someone who is caring and loving me, girl, besides my mommy... She's my girlfriend.. (P.S. : I'm proud of you, Tania).
Second thing is that I could join the "Temu Kolese" event. It was an event that held once in 3 or 4 years, the event that connect and meet-up students (but sadly, not all, only delegations) from Jesuit Colleges in Indonesia..
The third thing is that me, and my friend Angre could won the 1st winner of "appreciation of literature" contest in the Temu Kolese (actually we call it as Te-Kol)..

Big thanks to Jesus Christ, my Lord, Father, Best friend, Inspiration, and many more.. (P.S. : I'm Your biggest fans!)
Thanks also to my mom, that keep praying for me, caring me.. Love you a lot mom :*
Then thanks to my girlfriend.. Sorry for those bad things.. Love you :*

Then this is some phrases that I think it'd make us more comfortable and enjoy to face this damned world :

"The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You [are] with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me."

So that's all for now bradda-sista, we'll catch up later more.. Jah Bless Em!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rolling it out

Glad that I can still update this unmaintained blog... fuckin' so good my feeling right now... during this End Semester Test, I can still watch a damn good movie, BATAS, with my friends...

Have a good chat, medium classed but highly cost food, and some new experience today.... ah thanks Jah!

I got some beautiful and motivating phrases, from my meditation just now....

"Why were you afraid of the sun? Just raise your hands, and cast out the hot air!"
"Why were you afraid of the night? Just burn the fire in your soul, and cast out all the darkness"

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

another happy day

aha... just got the time to update this blog....

2 days ago (last Sunday), I had a very happy and yummy day...
That day, I went to Mt. Merapi until 2km from the peak, with my cousin Debora and her friends Maryanto, Erlin, and Artha... and umm yeah Pak Jack also came along to guide us... we took some picture there, but not with my camera, so I'll post it later...
Then after that we had lunch at Jejamuran... a resto that serves mushroom.. It's located at Niron, Pandowoharjo, Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta... It's really cheap... only cost 200k rupiahs for 10 portion of meals, 5 portion of rice, the beverages, and extra crisps..
Then we went to Paradise Batik, Kotagede and Tjokrosuharto, Wijilan to buy batiks for Erlin's dad, Arlin and Artha's friend, and some souvenirs...
Then we rested in Eclipse Hotel room 301 about an hour an met Ovrin that just back from her university work @ dr. Sardjito state hospital..
After that we ended our day with a great feast at Sawa Resto.... (it's a highly cost resto, and my uncle paid for that).. we met Erlin and Ovrin's family friend, also Fabio, the Italian guy... (but not in Malta)... I ate Lamb Chops and Escargot... Escargot is some kind of snail that cooked in a savory sauce.. hmm yummy....

then what now?
from yesterday afternoon, I got problem with my stomach, and I haven't seen the doctor... hope it will be fine after this... hope I can celebrate my birthday this Thursday (Donnerstag in Deutsch, Kamis in Indonesian) in a healthy condition... Amen...

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I don't event know.....

In these two weeks, i've done many things, and i don't event know what things gonna be after this....

Ki Cermomanggolo Timbul Hadiprayitno was "called" by Almighty God @ Tuesday, 01.15 AM... He is a master puppeteer from Yogyakarta, my teacher's father-in-law, and my friend's grandfather... He is also one of people that inspire me and I admire him so much... rest in peace Mbah...
some pics from the funeral ceremony... Last time I met him it was about 5 years ago... in that same house...

A smoke of "calumet" pipe after the funeral.... hmmmh..... oldies memory never ends...

This Wednesday's Chemistry Project.... HYDROCARBON EXPERIMENT....

Last week while I was eating SENGSU.. SENGSU stands for Tongseng Asu that means Lard Tongseng, or dog meat that cooked in tongseng recipe.... some pics... this food is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Happy Easter.... May the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ strengthen our faith to Him...

for me,
  • culinary festival....
  • eat-eat-eat and bulking....
  • get some drinks.... and getting drunk....
  • no worry just happy...
  • sleep tight and peacefully
  • wallet is always full...
  • get something new...
these are some pictures of my fuckin' holiday.....
 bak kut teh #1
 bak kut teh #2
 grilled stingray, fried squid, cap cay #1
  grilled stingray, fried squid, cap cay #2
 nasi lemak, boiled gong-gong (sea snail), fried mie sagu, bihun siram, epok-epok (curry puff) #1
 nasi lemak, boiled gong-gong (sea snail), fried mie sagu, bihun siram, epok-epok (curry puff) #1
 martabak durian #1
 martabak durian #2
 stingray, gong-gong, ca broccoli, steamboat #1
  stingray, gong-gong, ca broccoli, steamboat #2
  stingray, gong-gong, ca broccoli, steamboat #3
  stingray, gong-gong, ca broccoli, steamboat #4
  stingray, gong-gong, ca broccoli, steamboat #5
  stingray, gong-gong, ca broccoli, steamboat #1
  stingray, gong-gong, ca broccoli, steamboat #1
 stingray, gong-gong, ca broccoli, steamboat #6
 after cwie mie #1
 after cwie mie #2
 after cwie mie #3
 after cwie mie #4
 after cwie mie #5
after martabak sari eco, bandrek, sate padang

that's all folks... and I wanna give you a song that was my song for the holidays...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

cool food and cool school

yesterday Dhion, Ariel, Angga, Jimmy, and me together went to Mc Donald's to discuss something about "makrab" with grade X-F SMA Stella Duce 1.... and I didn't eat or drink anything @ McD's cause I only brought Rp 25000...
So after the discussion was ended, we go to Mie Ayam Tunggal Rasa, near SD Ungaran, Kotabaru to ate something... I ordered Mie Mangkok Jumbo, Ice Tea, and Nutri Sari Jeruk.... check this out!

Then today, this morning, on the free lesson hour, we did everything we wanted to do.. singing, dancing, chatting, drawing, and playing "Cap Sa"

that's all until right now, here in my crib..... catch em later!

Monday, April 4, 2011

3 days of Paradise

Saturday, Sunday, Monday.... 2-3-4 April 2011... 3 days of Paradise

Saturday, after school with Eca and Krishna...

Still Saturday, a sweet escape to Magelang..

Now move on to Sunday... Sunday was awesome.... Sego Goreng Magelangan (fried rice a la Magelang) and new experience: riding motorbike around the city with no helmet... (SUNNITE)
with Samuel "Kojek" Cahyo

Monday... Jogjakarta... Plengkung Gading - Alun-Alun Kidul - Alun-Alun Lor - Pojok Benteng - Sego Goreng Babi - Taman Siswa - Crib
With Krishna...