Thursday, September 18, 2014

these days are...

yippie ka ye! here i am again.

i think i haven't wrote anything like forever. yeah, i mean forever. it's too long without writing anything on this blog. i have been tweeting a lot, but not blogging at all. so i think i'll write something.

"because these days are evil", that's what The Scripture said in Ephesians 5:16. well i really believe it. i've seen these days are really evil. anywhere anytime. gladly, Great God give me strength, caffeine, and tannin to fight with it.

well, these days are evil. even people that are really close to me, was driven crazy by evil things. it's shocking me and made me cried. but it also strengthen me to fight, to catch my callings. yea, being Great God's hand to fulfill the phrase "deliver us from every evil".

motivating people. supporting people, accepting people, even there are times that this heart was crushed by their evil side. this is what i need to do, this is what i am called for.

well, these days, i learned a lot about serving. yeah. serving.
now i really know, that serving means you gotta be ready to loss lots of things.
but i also know that while you're serving, Great God never sleeps. He counts. You're paid by what you did.
actually this week i have to lose a lot amount of money (for me, as a college guy). Actually i have to lose around two hundred thousand rupiah (around twenty bucks). but, like what i've written before, Great God never sleeps. the real condition now i am having fifty thousand rupiah ( around five bucks) extra and two oranges, instead of losing. but i have to pay it with a lot of energy. 26 hours without sleep and moving into 3 different cities that i sums up around 400 kilometer.

enjoy and grace is some factors that Great God give to me to fight with this. yeah, with enjoying every single little thing you will find that serving is not that hard, and evil is not that hard to fight.

there are two latin phrase that always remind me about how i have to serve and enjoy all things.
"In Omnibus Charitas" = do everything in love
"Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam" = for the glory of Great God

ah. who am i talking about serving? just this little serving, and i have talked too much? what the.... ah. yeah. at least i still got some of Great God's grace for this world: aqua vitae, cacao, and caffeine to keep me ready. hahaahha. too much talking here, catch ya later. i'm outta space again, adios mother trucker!

Thursday, August 7, 2014


crush, yes, crush.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

super fine clove cigarette!

hey it's me again. i'm back baby, i'm back.

yeah the title up there inspired by The S.I.G.I.T.'s single Clove Doper. I don't even smoke any stick of cigarette since the 25th of June 2011. My bestpal, Christopher Bintang Bagaskara a.k.a. KOBE is the witness of my last piece of what I refer as "super fine clove cigarette". Yap it's not an ad, but for me, Dji Sam Soe 234 is the best "kretek" cigarette in the world that I ever smoked.

I ain't smoke at all, quitted since 2011, and I am proud of it. but to be really honest, I still do sheesa for sometime when hang out with friends.

but why am I posting this blog about tobacco and clove? the answer is because I was irritated with a lot of people that want to ban smoking but without any knowledge of the cigarette, tobacco, clove, and kretek world.

from what i know as an ex smoker, cigarette is a history, especially KRETEK

tobacco and clove, is the reason why De Hollandsche, Potuges, Espanol, and even Britons goes to this godly amazing archipelago, Nusantara, in the 1600. those two things are also the reason why those European fought over this beautiful archipelago, and The Portuguese and Spanish got the East side, while Holland and Britons got the west side.

tobacco and clove has been used since the ancient time by Nusantara ancestors to make their way to the spirits world. tobacco and clove is burned to make smoke that connect the human world into the spirits world. in these day (especially in Java) you can still see it in the "sesaji" or "sajen" (as a cigarette, kretek, form).

tobacco and clove also used by a lot of Shiva worshipers in India, mixed with cannabis, to connect them with Shiva's form of Rudra, and another form of the deity. (CMIIW)
the cowboys are smoking to fight the cold. the English gentlemen use it to show class.

the Kretek cigarette industry has left a lot of cool old factory site in all along Java. the railroads also built for them in the ancient time. they give a lot of green views of the plantation. they even give jobs to a lot of people. they also give a lot of scholarship for students, and even build and held a lot of sport events, school, and site. you can check to beswan djarumsampoerna foundationbadmintonpbdjarum.

fighting with tobacco, is not banning them. when you ban them, a lot of people with lose jobs and a lot of side effects.

My father (rest in peace, Pak) was a heavy smoker. My mom don't smoke. They never prohibit me from smoking. but my mom could make me quit smoking.

when my mom and fams found out that I am smoking, no one prohibits me. and my pocket money isn't cut at all. they made me found the way my self. we shared and discussed about smoking. but we don't force somebody to stop or quit, we just shared what we felt after quitting. we also shared what is the positive side and negative side of smoking. IF SOMEBODY SAY THERE IS NO POSITIVE SIDE OF SMOKING, IT IS A LIE. why? I can give the fact about the positive side : killing bored times, give a pleasure, connects you with people. non smoker (the one never smoke since born) won't know, they insist about the negative sides only. BUT TRUST ME, THERE ARE LOT OF NEGATIVE SIDES TOO, which I don't have to tell you.

well smoking or no, it's your life dude, choose wisely. I don't care if you're smoker or non, I really appreciate, and I don't care at all.

have a good life dudes!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Love, Relationship, Dating, Marriage.

Hey ho blog-world!
It's been some times since I wrote my last blogpost. Well I'm a bit busy with some kind of things. Yeah this year, once more, I'm trying to get to medschool (oh, Jah hear my prayer!). So I got to do the tests. Moreover, I also got a lot of works to do and also laboratory research and report to be done (feeling scientist mode : on).

Well it has been a great relieve after two weeks of war, ended with good meeting and party with my family. Yep. My" big dreadlocked big fat drummer brother" Mas Jantan Gerhana Surya got married last Saturday. Mas Jantan now officially married Kaka Grace. I'm happy for the both of you.

Okay, the party was rocking cool. But wait. Yes it is a wedding party, and I'm 19 now, which means it's not a long time to get married. Marriage. What?

From what I've seen, most people are getting married around the age of 24-30 years old. Yep. And I am 19 now. It means that around 5-10 years from now on, I will be getting married. And the situation is : I am not dating anyone right now. *hiks* *tear* Even that goes on, let this 19 years old boy blogs about love, relationship, dating, and marriage.

Love. What is love? L is for the way you look at me... *sing*
Wait. No, I got sore-throat, I ain't able to sing right now.

Love. I can't really describe what love is. The definition according to Oxford Dictionary - Online the word "love" described as:
  1. a strong feeling of affection
  2. A great interest and pleasure in something
  3. [COUNT NOUN] A person or thing that one loves
  4. (In tennis, squash, and some other sports) a score of zero; nil
But from what I know, we can't really describe love, but we can feel it. Sometimes, we often mix love with lust. And even we even mixed up love with our ego. But real love is an interpretation The Divine Love of God Almighty.

Dating and relationship. Asian and Western culture have a very different thing about this step. Western culture said that you date him or her when both of you thinks that the both of you are coo enough, and just date. But Asian [yeah me, I'm Asian, even I'm black] thinks that you have to propose a girl to be your girlfriend or date. Both of them got their own plus and minus.

I've ever date a girl, but yeah, things didn't work out, and bla bla bla [you know what to feel and fill about it]

Dating and relationship is a learning, knowing, orientating, and journey to get you ready to a marriage. Well so it's better to work things seriously in a relationship. Don't play it like an Atari or even PS3. Relationships sometimes failed. Yes, it is normal. It is orientating and learning. We learn something when we fall right? Don't do fool things in relationship(s). It is not eternal things.

Marriage. I leran from daddy and mommy, unks and aunts, grannies about this. Marriage is a ship. Both of you are the crew of the ship. Let Jah be the captain. Don't ever plays with your marriage. When you are married both of you aren't two anymore, but one.
Marry the right one. When you choose, pray and fast. Ask, if she/he is the one or not. When you've find, get married. You don't have to wait to have your own house, car, etc. You fight for it together. :)

But in all of them, you have to know that The Scripture says something about LDRM.

"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well" - Matthew 6:33

all these things means also about love, dating, and marriage. In every step, search the Kingdom and Righteousness of God before every thing, so The Divine Lord will bless your love with his Divine Mercy and Divine Love.

Shine this world with love!
Ciao! :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

19 and what?

i've passed 18 years of my life. and now i'm nineteen. so what with nineteen. actually the numbers getting bigger. they say i'm older. but in my new days of nineteen, i look younger than in my 18. yeah, it's just because one simple thing. i shave all of my facial hair. mustache, shaved! hajj beard, shaved! i ain't looked as a horny tonky big fat uncle from the hoods yo! my fatty tummy tock got skinnier. i can use my old cargo pants, that i couldn't use for 2 years because it ain't fit that time.

19 and what?
19 and more works to do. 19 with no dad, means you're your family's man. 19 and more creative idea to be realized. 19 and more fights to beat. 19 and more close to The Almighty. 19 and more thankful. 19 and more dragons to slay. 19 and more demons to kill. 19 and more wayangs to buy. 19 and more dreams to be true.

19 and no girlfriend. hmm. catch a kind of that dude!

there won't be no hero, waving you at your window, it's the last of your teen. grow!

p.s. : tomorrow is mom's 49th birthday. we're both geminis. she's the best mom ever. :) be happy Ma, adik is struggling :*

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sugeng Tindak, Bapak. See You Soon. Really Soon.

well hola internet world! como estas? muy bien!

today (3/10/13) i am posting n my granny's crib in Magelang. yep, two days ago, my father was called by Heavenly Father. yes, now he's there in heaven, smiling, looking at me and my mom..

well, sugeng tindak Bapak! goodbye, we'll meet again in eternal life.

here's some pic from the ceremonies yesterday

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

funny eh? nah, it is life.

well, hello internet world. hello blog.

in these times, it is a very rare free time that i can search, surf, write, or anything in the internet world. campus life is on, works needs to be done.

well it takes a lot of sufferings and sweat. but i believe i can pass it on. and next year meet me there somewhere.

but, i admit, i need to say a goodbye to my home base pastor. for The Lord has something bigger for him. :)

and i thought it was fun in uni year and everything is on. please pray for my success and focus.