Wednesday, June 11, 2014

19 and what?

i've passed 18 years of my life. and now i'm nineteen. so what with nineteen. actually the numbers getting bigger. they say i'm older. but in my new days of nineteen, i look younger than in my 18. yeah, it's just because one simple thing. i shave all of my facial hair. mustache, shaved! hajj beard, shaved! i ain't looked as a horny tonky big fat uncle from the hoods yo! my fatty tummy tock got skinnier. i can use my old cargo pants, that i couldn't use for 2 years because it ain't fit that time.

19 and what?
19 and more works to do. 19 with no dad, means you're your family's man. 19 and more creative idea to be realized. 19 and more fights to beat. 19 and more close to The Almighty. 19 and more thankful. 19 and more dragons to slay. 19 and more demons to kill. 19 and more wayangs to buy. 19 and more dreams to be true.

19 and no girlfriend. hmm. catch a kind of that dude!

there won't be no hero, waving you at your window, it's the last of your teen. grow!

p.s. : tomorrow is mom's 49th birthday. we're both geminis. she's the best mom ever. :) be happy Ma, adik is struggling :*

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