Thursday, July 17, 2014

super fine clove cigarette!

hey it's me again. i'm back baby, i'm back.

yeah the title up there inspired by The S.I.G.I.T.'s single Clove Doper. I don't even smoke any stick of cigarette since the 25th of June 2011. My bestpal, Christopher Bintang Bagaskara a.k.a. KOBE is the witness of my last piece of what I refer as "super fine clove cigarette". Yap it's not an ad, but for me, Dji Sam Soe 234 is the best "kretek" cigarette in the world that I ever smoked.

I ain't smoke at all, quitted since 2011, and I am proud of it. but to be really honest, I still do sheesa for sometime when hang out with friends.

but why am I posting this blog about tobacco and clove? the answer is because I was irritated with a lot of people that want to ban smoking but without any knowledge of the cigarette, tobacco, clove, and kretek world.

from what i know as an ex smoker, cigarette is a history, especially KRETEK

tobacco and clove, is the reason why De Hollandsche, Potuges, Espanol, and even Britons goes to this godly amazing archipelago, Nusantara, in the 1600. those two things are also the reason why those European fought over this beautiful archipelago, and The Portuguese and Spanish got the East side, while Holland and Britons got the west side.

tobacco and clove has been used since the ancient time by Nusantara ancestors to make their way to the spirits world. tobacco and clove is burned to make smoke that connect the human world into the spirits world. in these day (especially in Java) you can still see it in the "sesaji" or "sajen" (as a cigarette, kretek, form).

tobacco and clove also used by a lot of Shiva worshipers in India, mixed with cannabis, to connect them with Shiva's form of Rudra, and another form of the deity. (CMIIW)
the cowboys are smoking to fight the cold. the English gentlemen use it to show class.

the Kretek cigarette industry has left a lot of cool old factory site in all along Java. the railroads also built for them in the ancient time. they give a lot of green views of the plantation. they even give jobs to a lot of people. they also give a lot of scholarship for students, and even build and held a lot of sport events, school, and site. you can check to beswan djarumsampoerna foundationbadmintonpbdjarum.

fighting with tobacco, is not banning them. when you ban them, a lot of people with lose jobs and a lot of side effects.

My father (rest in peace, Pak) was a heavy smoker. My mom don't smoke. They never prohibit me from smoking. but my mom could make me quit smoking.

when my mom and fams found out that I am smoking, no one prohibits me. and my pocket money isn't cut at all. they made me found the way my self. we shared and discussed about smoking. but we don't force somebody to stop or quit, we just shared what we felt after quitting. we also shared what is the positive side and negative side of smoking. IF SOMEBODY SAY THERE IS NO POSITIVE SIDE OF SMOKING, IT IS A LIE. why? I can give the fact about the positive side : killing bored times, give a pleasure, connects you with people. non smoker (the one never smoke since born) won't know, they insist about the negative sides only. BUT TRUST ME, THERE ARE LOT OF NEGATIVE SIDES TOO, which I don't have to tell you.

well smoking or no, it's your life dude, choose wisely. I don't care if you're smoker or non, I really appreciate, and I don't care at all.

have a good life dudes!


  1. Good one. I dont even know you were a smoker nokhsky. Shocked enough

  2. I was. I've quit smoking, Chynsky. Everybody was someone in past :)

  3. Inspiratif sekali bro henkoh