Thursday, September 18, 2014

these days are...

yippie ka ye! here i am again.

i think i haven't wrote anything like forever. yeah, i mean forever. it's too long without writing anything on this blog. i have been tweeting a lot, but not blogging at all. so i think i'll write something.

"because these days are evil", that's what The Scripture said in Ephesians 5:16. well i really believe it. i've seen these days are really evil. anywhere anytime. gladly, Great God give me strength, caffeine, and tannin to fight with it.

well, these days are evil. even people that are really close to me, was driven crazy by evil things. it's shocking me and made me cried. but it also strengthen me to fight, to catch my callings. yea, being Great God's hand to fulfill the phrase "deliver us from every evil".

motivating people. supporting people, accepting people, even there are times that this heart was crushed by their evil side. this is what i need to do, this is what i am called for.

well, these days, i learned a lot about serving. yeah. serving.
now i really know, that serving means you gotta be ready to loss lots of things.
but i also know that while you're serving, Great God never sleeps. He counts. You're paid by what you did.
actually this week i have to lose a lot amount of money (for me, as a college guy). Actually i have to lose around two hundred thousand rupiah (around twenty bucks). but, like what i've written before, Great God never sleeps. the real condition now i am having fifty thousand rupiah ( around five bucks) extra and two oranges, instead of losing. but i have to pay it with a lot of energy. 26 hours without sleep and moving into 3 different cities that i sums up around 400 kilometer.

enjoy and grace is some factors that Great God give to me to fight with this. yeah, with enjoying every single little thing you will find that serving is not that hard, and evil is not that hard to fight.

there are two latin phrase that always remind me about how i have to serve and enjoy all things.
"In Omnibus Charitas" = do everything in love
"Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam" = for the glory of Great God

ah. who am i talking about serving? just this little serving, and i have talked too much? what the.... ah. yeah. at least i still got some of Great God's grace for this world: aqua vitae, cacao, and caffeine to keep me ready. hahaahha. too much talking here, catch ya later. i'm outta space again, adios mother trucker!

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